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A Harness Update

When launching Ārdēo in August 2021, I could not have dreamed of creating a desire for such a niche bold item such as a leather harness. When I first brought the concept forward, we hoped that in time it would be possible to sell a few hundred units a year: we would have them as […]


Sunshine Heroes

It’s been an excellent time for outfits. Warm weather has allowed for a lack of layering and jackets – jackets may be my favourite clothing item, but it’s been a delight to have a break from them. Combining crop tops with high waisted trousers and shorts has been a standard go-to, whilst adding a plethora […]


Summer No Bummer

A heatwave is upon us and I am not complaining. A newly-found need for summer outfits for actually warm weather, for more than two days in a row, is rather unprecedented in England. Waves of “it’s too hot” can be heard from far and wide and is no doubt apparently steering many a conversation. This […]