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Summer No Bummer

A heatwave is upon us and I am not complaining.

A newly-found need for summer outfits for actually warm weather, for more than two days in a row, is rather unprecedented in England. Waves of “it’s too hot” can be heard from far and wide and is no doubt apparently steering many a conversation.

This leaves me to turn to my humble space on the internet and get into outfits and accessories I’ve been loving this time of year.

I take sun protection damn seriously and a summer hat (or three) is not a debate. For the last few years, I’ve been adding my own scarves around hats to add that little pop of colour and feminine quality. Yesterday I wore my Rose Garden Scarf wrapped around a wide brim hat from Lack of Color. The Rose Garden scarf is a larger size and allows the tied ends to drape beautifully at the back of a hat.

Ever versatile silk scarves and wide brim hats: an excellent summer duo.

Accessories – in general – are necessary for me when building an outfit – everything from ring stacks to cat-eye sunglasses, mixed metal chains and everything in between. Some of my current hero accessories are linked below (never ever forgetting my Ārdēo harnesses – that delicate white leather coming soon):


As I adore separates, tops – cropped, bustier shapes, sheer fabrics – have remained a go-to for me. Despite the somewhat ‘ease’ a summer dress can bring, I tend to feel at my best in a high-waist-something paired with a top. Below are some favourites as of late.


If you follow me on TikTok, you’ll note my love of a pair of denim cut-off shorts this time of year. The ease and comfort of these never fail me, despite a plethora of comments from the team not understanding how I find these comfortable. I feel they’re an item in which you need to find ‘the pair’ that’s right for you. Going back a few years, I categorically did not wear denim shorts. I didn’t feel good in them – and this is my number one criteria, outfit/item wise. Then I found a particular pair from Ksubi – and that changed everything.

A simple summer dress with a leather harness is naturally a staple – that juxtaposition between those two items will no doubt always be a winner in my eyes.


If there is something evident in my dire love of fashion and style, it’s my never-ending fixation of handbags. The completion of an outfit. More than just – ‘something your stuff goes in’. Textures, colours, chains – I adore the versatility and freedom of summer bags.

There’s been a few recent delights that have perked my interest (thus, currently coveting) alongside my absolute summer staples.

The beautiful Jackie 1961 in delightful patent leather


You can find all of my recent outfits & looks, linked here.

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1 year ago

Love the post Sammi! I’ve got the prada denim crop on my wish list to hopefully get my hands on soon! Thank you for always being yourself & giving me the inspiration to dress how I want to & being confident in my own skin xx

1 year ago

Wonderful blog! 😍 where did you get the hat that you are wearing with the scarf? I love the little eyelet details of that one over the other

1 year ago

Wow! Disregard. You literally tagged the company hahaha

1 year ago

Looking so stunning. Love all these styles. Thanks for sharing these wonderful styles.

Katharina Erlbacher
Katharina Erlbacher
1 year ago

Sometimes you speak off my mind – yes – one have to try lots of denim shorts before finding THE one which fits perfectly. I adore the soft denim ones more but never say never! Love that post a lot – especially the love about accessoires and bags. I can really feel it here on the other side of the net 🙂 Thanks for sharing!