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A Band Tee & A Blazer

Back with a dedicated outfit post. It’s a go-to combination: a vintage band tee & a blazer: an outfit I can’t go wrong in. As someone that will always scream from the rooftops, ‘WEAR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT’ it’s hard to imagine a time in which my vintage band tee collection won’t see the […]


business, casual

Summer suitin’ in a very casual kinda way. Tie dye, distressed denim from Isabel Marant, paired with a black bodysuit & a loose, oversized beige blazer. Usual go-to accessories – mixed metals, chunky belt, that chain pouch, and my fav embroidered beret [yeah, I am really into headwear]. An outfit I threw together on a […]


blazer + denim

Nothing can make you feel quite as ready for the world as a blazer can. Great for those mum moments when you have 2.5 seconds to decide what to wear – just throw a blazer on, and everything will be a-ok…hopefully.   With the indulgence of an extra 2 seconds, there’s a sweet twist to […]