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A Harness Update

When launching Ārdēo in August 2021, I could not have dreamed of creating a desire for such a niche bold item such as a leather harness. When I first brought the concept forward, we hoped that in time it would be possible to sell a few hundred units a year: we would have them as […]


Low Neckline, High Morals

When the dress code is all black, I’m pretty damn comfortable. With a deep v neckline, extra crop and padded shoulders, this little t-shirt number from Gauge 81 is everything but boring. In a hefty black cotton, it’s an easy number to dress up whilst retaining a casual feel due to the fabric. Paired with […]



The time is finally upon us: ĀRDĒO launches today. ardeo [ardere, arsi, arsus] verb. be in a turmoil/love verb. be on fire verb. burn, blaze verb. Creating a standalone brand was something I always wanted to achieve. An entity, totally separate from my own name, spawn from a deep love of designing, creating, outfits. Bringing creativity back […]