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rainbows & insects

It’s been a moment since we launched any new silk scarves on ĀRDĒO.

With the focus being so keenly on leather after spending months constantly selling out, scarves had to wait for a moment. We also undertook fulfilling a vegan option for harnesses & belts. This was something I really wanted to launch the brand with, so needed to be a focal point before we got too ahead of ourselves. Needless to say, with us being a small team, these things take serious time. Zara, we ain’t.

Ārdēo is coming up three years in August, which has absolutely flown by. When starting the brand, I did not at all envision the ability to sell harnesses at the capacity we have been able to. Conversations around Ārdēo began with silk scarves – if you’ve been here a long time [hi, ilysm] you’ll recall I had a number of scarves under a small self-titled brand years ago.

They feel a core & integral part of the brand – and an item I hope we can continue to make.

The scarves are all 100% silk & made in Turkey. Each scarf design starts off life as a hand-drawn artwork – we work with independent artists/designers to create artworks. It’s always an exciting process – seeing it come to life from thoughts, to a conversation, to a beautiful drawing, and then onto silk.

Admittedly, I’m pretty stoked on these two. With major bold hues & beautiful bugs all over, they feel like heroes for summer. There are two sizes available: the rainbow bordered scarf is a large 90x90cm [ see how I tie mine ] & the smaller green scarf is 45x45cm.

Launching this Thursday, May 16th @ 16:00 BST.

If you’re a keen bean, you can add these to your Ārdēo Wish-list by signing into your account & ‘hearting’ each item. You’ll then be notified when they’re in stock. You can also follow on Instagram where we will post when they’re live & ready to add-to-cart.

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2 days ago

I’ve been buying your scarves since your eponymous brand and I’m SO excited for the rainbow one. I really hope you’ll continue to make silk scarves . The Tarot one you made before remains one of my faves.

Sky Keegan
Sky Keegan
2 days ago

Oh these are gorgeous!!! I’ve been saying for so long I really want to treat myself to one of your gorgeous silk scarves for my roadtrip in September! So when I get paid end of the month I might just have to😍 and omgg congratulations on nearly 3 years Ārdēo, so lucky to own one of your gorgeous harnesses♥️♥️