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It’s currently snowing outside. I’m layered up in a vintage band tee [OG 80’s paper thin Misfits, iykyk] with a cup of tea & lip balm by my side. It’s been a heavy few weeks. Unlike my usual self, who can usually throw themselves into work, I’ve been struggling to get back in the zone off the back of it all.

In anticipation of my love of outfits never being too far away, I thought I’d put together some categories of items I’ve been loving & look forward to wearing more of early this year.


Undoubtedly a category I often return to, this was kick-started again recently by a] attending The Crown Premiere in which I opted for mis-matched silver hues [see below + view the GRWM here] b] the rather cheeky purchase of the Chanel Silver mini flag with star coin [did my usual one-in-one-out handbag situ to ease the pain]


I’ve been reaching for denim more as of late than I have in some time – unusually, I also have a few denim pieces on my wish-list. I have spent a lot of autumn-winter thus far in all black outfits, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been adding in pops of colour; and I love this combined with denim. An interesting cut or detail on a pair of jeans is how denim can often lure me in.

The AREA claw jeans were an absolute solid September purchase I’ve been loving.


Nothing new to see here tbh.

My Missoma Squiggle hoops need no introduction – I still absolutely adore these and reach for them often. They add such a perfect neon pop.

Bag accessories, charms, bracelet stacks – I’m here for all of it.

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Sky Keegan
Sky Keegan
1 month ago

Love these blog posts to sit down and read with a cup of tea! I’m definitely finding myself looking for more denim pieces to wear as I always find all black outfits a safe option for me but definitely wanting to branch out this year and play around with more colourful looks!
Hope you have a lovely week Sammi!♥️

1 month ago

Enjoying the blog posts, it’s nice to have some long form content for a tea break! If you’re looking for any more fun colour pop jewellery, my friend makes pieces using a variety of colour, pattern & texture.. or bespoke if you have anything in mind… https://www.resinandrose.co.uk/

29 days ago

love that you still post blogs

1 day ago

is there a link where you get your necklaces from?