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Ārdēo x The Great Frog

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Ārdēo x The Great Frog

A collaboration between two independent British brands with pieces reflecting core & integral aspects of both. Merging Ārdēo’s signature design with The Great Frog’s legendary craftsmanship. 

We began conversations for this collaboration at the start of summer this year – knowing this needed to be a key December launch for us both, and ofc have a festive launch party to celebrate.

Ārdēo x The Great Frog

Made with some of my personal favourite materials [leather, gold, sterling silver, Swarovski] it’s a four piece collection with each item having it’s own allure. I am utterly in love with how these pieces have come together; each feeling like they represent our brands so well.

Ahead of the launch, the annual TGF Christmas window install took place; this year featuring our collaboration ouroboros.

With the ouroboros design dominating the window space in gold foil, both logos from our brands [beyond!!] are in the centre in the same foil. Surrounding the design is the most beautiful seasonal foliage complete with striking red berries and dried fruits. It came to life so magically; I am so honoured & thankful to TGF [major shout out to Danielle & Reino] for including us in this special moment right in the heart of Soho, London.

[view a reel of the install here]




Ouroboros Brass Harness

We’ve taken the design & composition of our iconic High Waist Harness and added a collaboration twist. Each loop hardware on the harness is an ouroboros: this design was intricately hard carved by Reino and finished in solid brass. The detail on this is immense.

Comes with collaboration dust-bag.

Each item is hand-stamped with our collaboration logo. Made in London.

Ouroboros Silver & Swarovski Harness

The most major statement piece from the collection.

Complete with hand-finished Swarovski crystals across the back of the leather [56 in total – I cannot express the joy these give me as they sparkle] and Cubic Zirconia eyes for the snakes. I am absolutely head-over-heels for this harness – you can see me styling it for the first time here.

Comes with collaboration dust-bag.

Each item is hand-stamped with our collaboration logo. Made in London.

Belt Ring

Inspired by vintage belt rings and the hardware of our harnesses. The belt ring has a flex to it unlike I have ever seen on a classic belt ring, a nod to the leather and harness shapes. Available in three different finishes: sterling silver, solid 9ct yellow gold & mixed metals of silver for the band and 9ct yellow gold for the hardware harness/belt details.

Packaged in collaboration gift box.

Each ring is hallmarked and stamped with our collaboration logo.

Snake Chain

An intricate snake chain complete with scale details on the links.

The head of the snake is part of the clip closure & the body wraps around the clip itself: no detail is spared. In solid brass with a great weight to it, this looks incredible against denim and can be clipped onto most of our harnesses.

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Sky Keegan
Sky Keegan
5 months ago

All of these pieces are absolutely beautiful, I am so so excited to try these rings on tonight and of course a harness!!!😍 I am so beyond excited for you guys, I’ve followed TGF for years and only last year was able to afford my first purchase, and now one of my biggest inspirations has collaborated with them I’m so excited!🖤can’t wait for tonight!✨