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Barbie Premiere

Bubblegum pink latex, sky-high hot pink platforms, bumper bangs: it can only mean the Barbie Premiere look is getting a dedicated moment.

When the invite to this premiere landed in my inbox, I almost squealed with joy. It certainly feels like a highlight film of the year imo – a feel-good, over-saturation of colour & joy – everything a Barbie film should be. Within 30 minutes of this invite landing, I’d worked out in my head the look I wanted to go for and set about contacting everyone I needed to – which in itself, with around 6 working days to go, was a process.

The look came together exactly as I hoped it would; with an ode to vintage Barbie, a nod to ‘life in plastic’ with the latex, and a Sammi spin [in general] on how I would dress as a Barbie.

All images captured by Hollie Molloy

custom latex: Atsuko Kudo // platforms: Valentino // hair: Sarah Necia // glasses: Gucci //

clutch: Edie Parker // make-up: me

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Jocelyn Odijk
Jocelyn Odijk
6 months ago

Where can I buy the Sammi Barbie ?

Katharina Erlbacher
Katharina Erlbacher
3 months ago

Hello dear Sammi 🙂 catching up your blog posts – sry for being late. To this post – WOW. Everytime I think, there cant be more individuality you’re crashing borders. This outfit is just so incredible special and unique! Love it vy much! And again, I’m thinking about having some wigs – everyday another style without coloring hair – must be so cool 💕