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72 hrs in Puglia

The Italian part of my soul (that’s a quarter fyi, my nonna was from Florence) jumped for absolute joy when an opportunity to experience Puglia with NARS landed in my inbox. I say ‘the Italian part’ but let’s be honest, my ENTIRE soul screamed with joy.

Alongside seven other markets, I travelled with other UK creators and the UK NARS team to immerse in the Afterglow collection and experience the new Afterglow blushes (launching soon – the formula is a skincare-make-up hybrid with a beautiful sheen).

‘Influencer trips’ get a bad rep – I do totally get why – but for so many of us it’s a trip in which we work work work – ensuring we are there for brand in every way possible. Granted; they are ridiculously incredible, beautiful experiences I will never forget. I always pinch myself that they’re even happening.

With an itinerary of dress-codes to adhere to, in my true I-love-being-organised-and-know-no-other-state-of-being self I planned my outfits a few weeks beforehand and packed (as much as I could) with days to spare. Let’s get into the looks.

Day one: il lido. It was warm, we were on the beach: it was like my goth life in Spain all over again, as I sought shade. I wore a simple striped bustier top with denim cut-offs, with a wider striped silk shirt as a cover-up/for an extra bit of layering. Completed the look with my go-to leather belt, an oversized straw hat and mini Loewe raffia bag. Did I give into the Loewe due to the trip? Maybe. Was it worth it? Absolutely.


The evening cocktail night was on the same day as the lido, and the ‘main event’ so to speak: with an incredible formal dinner in the open Italian air.

I opted for a sheer Jean Paul Gaultier maxi dress I had been coveting and felt this the perfect excuse to take the plunge, finished off with a red lip and my leather beret.

Although I didn’t grab many images of this look, there’s a dedicated reel and also a LGD: pick your social media poison so-to-speak if you wish to see more of this one.


A moment of calm by the pool (editing editing) post-Lido, pre-dinner: I would just like to state – that’s a virgin Mojito. Hunza G swim has become a much-loved brand for me: their swimwear is just ridiculously comfortable and I adore a high waist. Highly recommend.


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Katie Walton
7 months ago

Loved seeing all your looks from the trip! Thanks for taking us with you. The Jean Paul Gaultier maxi dress was especially a moment. Holy cow, what a look!

7 months ago

What an absolute queen <3

6 months ago

i love this post