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Austin w/ Drunk Elephant

It’s hard to believe I was in Texas just two days ago.

Drunk Elephant celebrated the launch of Bouncy Brightfacial, inviting creators from around the world to Austin, Texas. Tiffany Masterson – the founder behind the brand – is from Texas, so this location made perfect sense and was a delight for us all.

I visited Austin for a couple of days as part of our honeymoon road trip (we drove from Texas to California over 3 three weeks – it took a whole week to make it through Texas) and I was so excited to see it again.

We checked into the Austin Proper (significantly better than the last place A & I stayed on honeymoon – this was a trip done on a mega budget with motels at $50 a night).

On the first morning after as much sleep as we could manage, EJ & I got straight on the tacos and coffee. The very important things.

After breakfast we headed over to Allan House, where Drunk Elephant had taken over and immersed us all in the brand.

We had time to speak with Tiffany herself – she made us all feel so welcome and dedicated so much time to us. To speak with a brand founder for a period of time where you can truly understand why they started the brand, feel their deep love and passions and ask burning questions – is a special thing.

SO, the new skincare launch: Bouncy Brightfacial is a leave on overnight mask to clarify skin tone & reduce redness. With 10% Azelaic acid & 1% Salicylic acids. I’ve started using it (after being gifted it whilst on the trip) ahead of the launch.

As someone that has sensitive skin and redness it’s a great product for me to try. I don’t know if anything DE can top my deep love of C-Firma ( 🙂 ) but let’s see.

We were spoilt on the first day with 23 degree C temperature – tropical in UK terms. This soon dissipated but we soaked up every moment with lunch outside at Perla’s. I highly, highly recommend this little spot. An incredible menu with the perfect outdoor dining ambience & excellent service.

Had the best shrimp caesar of my life (thus far at least).

On Friday we spent time at a ranch – drenched in DE style obvs – with lassoing (this is apparently not a skill of mine) archery (semi-capable) horse riding (not for me) and Texas BBQ (100% sold).

Austin loves:


Allen’s Boots

By George

Home Slice

Tiny Boxwood’s


Two Hands


A huge, massive thank you to the team for inviting me – thank you for such an incredible trip.

Bouncy Brightfacial is available now on drunkelephant.com.

Learn more about the brand here.


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11 months ago

Beautiful pictures of your trip! The outfits are fantastic. Also the boots you got are perfect. 🤍🖤

Katharina Erlbacher
Katharina Erlbacher
10 months ago

What an amazing insight! Love to watch your experiences 🥰 vy nice boots! 🤠