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The Rose Amongst Thorns Charm Collection: Sammi x TGF

The Rose Amongst Thorns Bracelet launched in April last year.

When I first spoke with Reino of TGF about the concept for the Rose Amongst Thorns bracelet, the idea of charms was imperative to the overall design.

An idea that we’ve kept a little secret since launching the bracelet.

The Rose Amongst Thorns Bracelet in sterling silver with solid 9ct gold rose buds & gold Old English ‘a’ charm

Getting the bracelet design to work for charms with the thorns and general structure of the bracelet has been a meticulous and labour intensive process. I am in awe of the work that has been done to bring this concept to life so beautifully. I am so thrilled we are now launching the Sammi x TGF Rose Amongst Thorns Charm Collection. A charm bracelet for those that are drawn to some of the more alternative elements in the charm world, shall we say.

Jewellery is sentimental to me.

I wanted to create a bracelet that is adaptable & buildable, with depth and meaning behind it. Charms can be added to symbolise special moments in your life and will hold onto those memories. Each charm has a meaning that can tell a story that is personal to you. 


They’re up to your interpretation – but here are my own inspirations and meanings behind the charms:

Moon – a delightful Victorian inspired crescent moon – similar to a tattoo on my leg. The crescent moon is associated with feminine energy; making this charm a wonderful gift for a loved woman in your life (also: an excellent gift to yourself)

Crucifix – An iconic TGF twist on religious iconography.

Snake – I have always been drawn to and appreciated snakes. As symbols of rebirth, transformation & immortality, they possess a certain power. Adore this in gold.

Spider & Web – Even as a true arachnophobic, my goth soul can still appreciate a spider + web combination. This micro web dangles beautifully from the bracelet.

Heart – I’m a lover of love: a heart symbol was a must in this collection. Featuring a teeny garnet stone.

Leaf – When the leaves start falling and autumn begins, the shift in nature is deeply felt – and I adore this change. It’s also just a lovely little leaf charm. 

Dagger – As above, so below.

Alphabet – Wearing the letters of my favourite people makes me happy. In mirco Old English font these letters are so pleasing. Especially love how these look as mixed metals together.

Skull + Crossbones – It’s TGF – we had to do a skull, right?

All charms are available in sterling silver and 9ct gold. Available to order online & in TGF stores.

The Sammi x TGF Charm collection launches January 7th.

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Jade Williams
Jade Williams
10 months ago

Just beautiful

Katharina Erlbacher
Katharina Erlbacher
10 months ago

It would not be Sammi if there was not a surprise! It is such a incredible good idea! ❤️✨❤️ And they all are just beautiful!

Alex Mossiev
Alex Mossiev
10 months ago

These are beautiful, Sammi! I reached out to TGF to inquire about sizing. I have a 15cm wrist and they suggested small “for a snug fit” and medium “for a bit of movement”. Unsure which size to take based on this—which option would you opt for?