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Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the time of year to gift to those special people in your life. I’m one of those people that loves gift giving. I adore hunting for the perfect gifts for those I love, items they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Admittedly, I can get a bit lax when it comes to the realisation that everything needs to be wrapped. Usually Anton and I make an evening of it: we get a Christmas film on and get to work. This year they’ll be a roaring fire to sit next to which I am ridiculously stoked about. Below I’ve created a few lists for gifting this year to inspire…Enjoy.


They know what’s good and the latest beauty and skincare trends out there. Everything I’ve linked in the carousel below I personally swear by. Beauty & skincare is very personal, and what works for one really may not work for another – it’s always important to bear this in mind. However, for those that love trying the latest eyeshadow palette, or love an evening with a deep cleansing mask whilst reaching for the lip balm, it’s the perfect category.


This is the category for me. I certainly can have a bit of a ‘more is more’ attitude when it comes to accessories. Everything from jewellery to belts excites me – I am here for all of it. If you know a magpie like me, treat them to something they wouldn’t buy themselves, or that you know their eyes will light up over. Astrid & Miyu have 25% off everything at the moment – a great place for affordable jewellery and especially for sparkle. If you’re buying for the bold, head over to my brand ĀRDĒO for beautiful silk scarves. Later this week they’ll be exciting newness with a new product category and a leather harness restock.


For that special guy in your life. Maybe it’s your best mate, your partner in crime…or an uncle, husband, father. Personally I’ll be on the hunt for the perfect Japanese denim jeans for Anton this year – he’s always a tricky fish to buy for, but this is his number one choice and as he is someone that doesn’t seek shiny new things like certain people (cough). Getting him something he needs is the way forward. I digress…I hope you feel inspired by the selection below.


If I had a quid for the amount of times I’ve heard that I am a ‘nightmare’ to buy for…let’s just say, I’d have quite a few quids. My retort is always that you can’t go wrong with a great candle. Naturally this cannot be said for every woman in the world, but it’s a place to start. My favourite candle brand has to Diptype – the scents last & fill the home.


A little selection of items for under the £50 mark. A coffee & cake date rates highly, too.

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Katharina Erlbacher
Katharina Erlbacher
2 years ago

Good evening dear Sammi ✨ this blog post is huge and so inspiring! ❤️ thanks for the different categories, everybody will find something now! What I really adore, beside allll the fashion pieces, are the butter spreaders – how extravagante are they? 🥰 Have a happy eve!