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Looking to Spring

Happy first of February: aka week 47,628 [approx] at home.

Whilst spring is some way away, at least here in England, with the whole ‘being inside all the time thing’, I felt like putting together a few spring-like looks over the weekend, and going into a couple here on the blog.

In anticipation of warmer times ahead, I picked up a few things last month that I am v much looking forward to wearing in the coming months, as well as right now with some extra winter layering. Notably, the Prada Re-nylon dress is something I am certainly going to be styling continually this year. I had mine shortened considerably btw, which is not only far more flattering for my body shape, but I love that a long shirt underneath means it peeks through.

You may want to skip this part if you’re sick of me talking about the Prada Monolith boot: you have been warned:

I purchased mine at the end of 2019 [mine don’t have the Prada triangle logo on the first pouch as the new editions do] and whilst being a little physically sick at the time of purchasing them as I’d never spent so much on footwear, I KNEW they were going to be a] worn to death b] in my wardrobe for years & years to come. I love them come spring, before the weather really warms up, with knee high or over the knee socks, mini skirts & dresses: they are the perfect fashion-meets-goth designer boot. Back in stock on MyTheresa – at least, for now – if you can & you love them, go for it whilst they’re around.

Three things that can seriously make your working from home day feel fuelled with a major level of motivation:

a] coffee

b] a fresh white shirt

c] more coffee.

Bonus points for part d, adding a blazer.

A white shirt is something most own in their wardrobes in some capacity: but this Prada number [it’s a full Prada look baby] with adjustable ties makes for such a modern take on such a staple. I managed to nab it at 50% off a few weeks ago, and deeply hope it will make it to some IRL meetings in the not-too-distant future.

Keep your eyes peeled on The Kooples for great shirts [this one is perfect btw] they are so easy to style and don’t *need* to look super-super professional, if you don’t want them to. Add a harness, unbutton a few top buttons & wear a simple black bralette underneath. You can also tie the front come summer, wear with dungarees and apron dresses: see! So many options.


Say hello to 2021 does tie-dye with this mini Attico skirt. It may not be for everyone, but in certain doses/ways I like a bit of tie-dye: I’m definitely very specific in the ways in which I think it works for me; and there’s something about the colours used here in particular [there’s a tee that would look rad with black shorts] that I’m super into it.

Paired mine with my heavily worn black vintage Nirvana vestibule tee and kept it even more ‘me’ with a harness over the top.

It could easily be styled with black only accessories; and that’s probably the main way in which I’ll be wearing it this year – but I decided to throw in some neon for some extra bold colour.

The Mulberry Alexa is a bit of an unexpected choice for me in some ways, that I feel I need to delve into it: let’s do it.

I’ve mentioned this countless times; but it certainly applies here: I love, and live for, juxtapositions when it comes to outfits, style and how I choose to wear things.

The Alexa is so traditionally preppy; so undoubtedly steering towards the classic, English heritage side, that it doesn’t scream to be something I may go for. You may note, I do love classic pieces [looking at you, Chanel]: it just often doesn’t appear that way due to how I decide to put looks together; combined with how I look in general [!!]

The bag’s use of a new lime-yellow neon colour-way, on such a timeless piece, combined with the new sizing update [this size of bag is perfect to me – I believe they didn’t have this version before?] totally drew me in: I love the usability of it. I love the functionality. I love the colour. I love the hardiness of the grained leather. I love the top handle.

As far as designer bags go, it’s also far more within the ‘affordable’ [I use this term loosely, pls note] zone, with the mini being £895.00.

The yellow-green neon-number is sold out atm [ok, I found it on FarFetch after writing this, but can’t see it elsewhere – be speedy if you’re keen] and I’m not sure if they’re bringing it back: but I for one think they damn well should.

Ready for you, spring.


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Katharina Erlbacher
Katharina Erlbacher
3 years ago

Dear Sammi!
What an catching post! Started reading, puff, finished. Your descriptions are sucking me in, into the story, into the glow of different styles, into the extraordinary, into the ‘just do it’ and a lil more into English. Juxtaposition, yeah. That’s it. So awesome! Thank you! One day, step by step. Thing per thing. I’ll come back. I’ll be able to grab such special pieces. And meanwhile, I’m stunning. My #idol! ❤️

Belle Robinson
Belle Robinson
3 years ago

i l o v e the way you put looks together and how you can use the same clothes and make a totally different outfit. My inspo all the way <3