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november rust

We’re in it: it’s my absolute favourite time for getting dressed. Lockdown 2.0 ain’t stopping me, and all the black & beige tones are out on repeat.

In true outfit repeating style, my leather short collection is out in force; layered under with tights on the chillier days [patiently awaiting frosty mornings atm] & knee high socks [solo] for those slightly warmer ones. My Prada Monolith boots are practically surgically attached to my feet this month, as they were this time last year – although could it be I love them even more? It’s possible.

Let’s talk about the coat: after having a Max Mara Teddy firmly on my wish-list for some time; I gave in, only to return it: and then, I found this guy: incredibly similar in tone, with the perfect lapel shape [this, is very important to me with this kinda coat – it’s a visuals thing] & snuggly as hell. It’s a dream to wear and as cosy as it looks. I do love a cosy coat, esp on those weekend ‘let’s-go-for-a-walk’ days – it just needs some balancing out with kick-ass boots.

My Louis Vuitton Palm Spring is a true go-to this time of year [talked about it over on YouTube – a shocking chatty update for i] I love the reverse monogram for autumn, and I always find a backpack handy & easy-going over a chunky coat – when less shoulder bags come out to play. The P.S backpacks are bloody hard to get hold of in store & online – I picked mine up second hand a few years ago on Vestiaire & haven’t regretted it for a moment. It’s damn cute, fits everything i need daily, super versatile & a joy to style.

..happy Novembering, one & all p.s oh, and…the beret is back

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Rose Vittrup
Rose Vittrup
2 days ago

I bought a deep, midnight blue coat just like this from Tesco for 20 quid! šŸ˜± It’s like wearing a teddy bear!! Quality I’m sure is nowhere near as good as yours, but for what I paid it’s bloomin good! Absolutely love this look, autumn is my fave time of year, especially for fashion!

2 days ago

Hey hey, great pics! Ps: why did you return the Teddy by the way, Iā€™m thinking of getting it. X From Paris

5 minutes ago
Reply to  sammijefcoate

I think you are right, I was looking on Vestiaire C for the Teddy as I didn’t think it was worth the full price. Anymeow, I’ll check out the one you are wearing here, which is killer. Would go well with my Pantera tattoo, xx take care dear