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acid green wash

Forever keen on acid green…

Fell totally in love with this Alexander Wang number – the colour got me, as well as its slightly over-sized nature, and the shirt-but-can-be-a-light-jacket abilities: grabbed it the moment it went on sale. For some reason, I just find this a super wearable colour – and for someone that is v happy in an all black outfit, that’s saying something.

Also, in other clothing news: been living in denim shorts this summer – which is something I most def did not see coming – I’ve pretty much not worn them in life until this year. Always felt like the ‘right’ pair just did not exist tbh. I ordered a Ksubi pair [via Net-A-Porter] ready for a work L.A trip in April, knowing it was gonna be damn hot in Palm Springs [obviously, that got shut the f down] and loved the fit on them so decided to keep ’em…it’s led me to ordering a couple of extra pairs with a similar cut, and it’s been such a go-to outfit during the last few months at home in the [unexpected] sun.

p.s I’m guessing at this point, it goes without saying that the band tee is vintage

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2 years ago

What size is your acid green jacket? 😍